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About Tammy
   Hi, I am Tammy, I live the fitness lifestyle everyday and have for well over 25 years!  I  have 2 great kids, our son Cooper is 16 and our daughter Susan is 20. 
  I am 54 years young and truly believe that the food we feed our body and exercising every day; whether lifting weights, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, yoga, etc., is the "fountain of youth"! 

I started competing in NPC competitions in 2010 when I was 47 years old and to date have won 4 trophies that I am very proud of.  I competed a couple of times at Nationals in Pittsburgh, ... it is a very exciting show and we walked away with more knowledge under our belts and met a lot of cool & interesting people.  

  I have learned so much through the years about nutrition and exercise and how it all affects the body and mind.  I love to help others realize that they are never too old! 

   I hold 2 certifications from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. I am always reading and researching information either from magazines, books, online fitness sites and from like-minded people in and out of the gym to stay up-to-date with the latest information.

  Let ME help YOU get to where YOU want to be! :) 
Committed to helping our customers achieve their Fitness Goals!